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06-14-2013, 10:46 AM
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Originally Posted by Jtown View Post
I think Mason has a 1 year contract. That is enough for him to show that he is capable of being an nhl starting goalie or enough money to be a quality backup. if he does well he is still an RFA.

I think getting Luongo is a smart move especially at a reasonable contract because he could either serve well as a starter or as a trade asset. But i have a feeling too many teams will be intrested in him that he is going to have his pick of the litter and will probably make 5 mill a year for 4 years. Too much if you ask me.
I think you are misunderstanding my point. I'm not saying that Mason should get more than a year to prove his worth. I am saying that if Luongo is signed, especially to a multi-year deal with a somewhat substantial cap hit (3-4 million), it could create problems. Such as: Mason slumps a little and Luongo takes the job. Then you never really get a chance to allow Mason to prove himself and at the end of the year you are looking at Mason, who maybe lost the job early and simply out played by Luongo, wanting a new contract. Do you give it to him or let him walk and be faced with the goalie search starting all over in two years with Luongo's departure? Or do you sign him based on a smaller sample size and get stuck with a guy that didn't really earn the contract because Luongo outplayed him. To me, signing Luongo uneccessarily complicates things, unless it is on a very cap friendly deal.

Basically, if we are going to give Mason the shot to be our franchise goalie, he should be given a full shot at it. Luongo, I think has enough left to be a starter. Without question. Bringing him in, IMO, would not give Mason the complete shot I think he (and the organization) needs to make their decision. If at the end of the year Mason didn't perform, let him walk and look for a goalie next year. If he does, re-sign him to a real deal and get a backup.

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