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06-14-2013, 01:02 PM
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Thin line between loving and hating a move. I remember people not minding the Bouillon signing based on the fact that he's a "perfect 7th d-man" unless they realize that....****....he's actually playing top 6 ???? So now, Drewiske is ALSO a fine #7th d-man but first let's remember something. They just gave a guy a 2-year contract, a guy they actually saw play 9 games with us. And let's think that those guys are not did we actually took the time to sign a #7 d-man? Or in signing guys like that prior to July, are they actually thinking he'd be a regular top 6 with Emelin not being ready and if Tinordi doesn't start with us? So do you feel about that D?

Subban (great, move on)
Markov (going downhill from this day)
Gorges (see, a tough year in a tough TEAM year like 2 years ago...fine....but a tough year in such a great year? Nobody is a little scared? Not even one bit?)
Diaz (up and down player. Not sure we always know what to expect from him....)
Bouillon (with his limitations...)
Drewiske (with his limitations, part 2)
Tinordi (sophomore jinx? Or just a rookie who will make rookie mistakes despite the great future)

So let's ask this question again....are you guys really confortable with this mediocre lineup? I couldn't care less if Gorges is a #3, 4, 5 or 6, the problem isn't's the whole D lineup. Not enough talent. Not enough depth. Not enough mix. But if getting rid of Gorges means getting a better mix in the have to do it. Getting rid of Weber and Kaberle means nothing. As you will have nothing for them. My hope is a 5th or 6th rounder for Weber. And I'm not even expecting it for 2013.

Yeah but then Emelin comes back and everything will be which I say nobody remembers how tough it was for Emelin prior to his injury. And nobody knows how tough it will be coming back from such a terrible injury. It's not like the guy will come in and be a game changing d-man from the start. Understand it's not a 82-game season but can people ALSO realize that most fans are waiting to see Price fail. With the tons of expectations that will come with that....WE DO NOT HAVE THE LUXURY TO WAIT TILL EMELIN THE SAVIOUR COMES BACK. People won't wait. Price will be on the hot seat from the very first preseason game yet again. He needs a better defensive system and better D's RIGHT away. Yeah, I know easier said than done. I understand. But my point is, you first need to realize that it's not good enough.

So the idea is....IF signing Drewiske is solely to fill up a #7 spot, I say it's fine. But IF signing Drewiske is already pencilling him in a top 6 and not change the other D's we already have, I say we are in big trouble.

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