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Originally Posted by Agnostic View Post
You are all over the map. You are extrapolating off 23 games to project 50 points for Diaz.

I am saying that a team that was destroyed in the first round of the playoffs in no small part to the D and goaltending needs to have a player better than Raphael Diaz in it's second pairing position. IMO, not in the long term Hab picture .
How am I all over the map?

You're the one using 5 games as the be al and end all but if I use 23 games it's a crime?

I'd like you to explain to me how in any way that series was a "destruction"?

You must have obviously not been watching those games.

If Diaz isn't in the Habs long term picture it won't be because he is bad or not a top 4 guy, it will be because somebody younger and better came along, which in itself is a good thing. At the end of the day we could do a whole lot worse than guys like Diaz Emelin Gorges as #3-4 guys.

The defense against Ottawa had nothing to do with Anderson standing on his head, had nothing to do with a lot of our regulars getting hurt or with Price giving up brutal goals or Budaj giving up even worse ones.

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