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06-14-2013, 12:13 PM
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Originally Posted by Monctonscout View Post
You seem to have no clue about the NHL do you? Do you think NHL teams have Shea Webers Duncan Keiths and Drew Doughty's as their #4 d-men? Gorges is solid for a #3 and above average for a #4. Go look at NHL rosters and minutes played.

He plays mistake free hockey, he covers his man, uses his body despite not being huge and is good at KEEPING PUCKS OUT OF OUR NET? It's that one of the two objectives of hockey? Score goals at one end and stop them at the other?
Gotta love the condescending put downs from someone who has no clue what they're talking about.

Who is talking about Keith, Seabrook or Weber as a #4? None of these guys are #4 dmen so I have no idea what you're talking about. Gorges is NOT solid for a #3 if you want a competitive team. Look around at other "solid" #4 and #3 dmen. I can tell you they bring a lot more than shot blocking and "leadership".

As far as mistake free hockey. I'd have to question what games you have been watching. He was overextended last year because he was playing way out of his comfort zone. The fact that you don't see this is mind boggling. Gorges is a #4/5 on a good team. A #5 on a great team. But in MTL, he's a #2,#3. And you wonder why we have been terrible in the playoffs.

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