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Originally Posted by Monctonscout View Post
I REALLY have to question the people who constantly bring up the " we got destroyed by Ottawa" BS. Do you people know anything about hockey or even watch?

Making it sound like Ottawa dominated and was the far superior team means you obviously didn't go to the rink or turn on your TV or even your radio!

The story of the series was similar in all but the 2nd game...Habs dominate the play, Anderson stones us, Ottawa scores a weak one(s), Habs dominate again, pattern is repeated. In 2 of the games we got frustrated and they ran up the score as a result of frustration. That's not even mentionning game 4 with the brutal "kicked in" goal and late goal after 3 icings that should have been waived off. Not to mention having key guys(Emelin Eller Gionta Price) out or playing injured(Pacioretty Prust).

That series was a break or two from going 7 games and being a 7 game series in spite of the huge goaltending imbalance.

Any suggestions that this or that needs major changes or player X should be traded because of that series needs to be looked at with a whole lot of salt, not just a grain.
You need to stop this condescending crap. You say it far too often. Furthermore, You have no idea what you're talking about.

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