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Originally Posted by hototogisu View Post
And as I said, there's nothing about drafting McCarron at 25 that would preclude us from getting 2 skilled players at 34/36. We also used 3 of our first 4 picks last year on skilled forwards.

If you keep drafting average sized, skilled forwards, that's all your team is ever going to be made up of. And I'm not saying skilled forwards are a bad thing but, as we clearly saw in the playoffs first hand, you need a mix. They're hard to get in a trade and hard to get in free agency, so where else can you look? I don't see another avenue besides the draft.

People want an identity change in Montreal but aren't willing to take the risks to get there.

On the contrary, I would suggest that our scouting staff's weakness in being unable to identify and draft power forwards in any round as a reason for why we would need to reach higher for those guys than maybe some other teams who can draft power forwards in later rounds would have to. If our scouts aren't getting it done in that area (but are extremely proficient in other areas), why not take a chance on the consensus guy? Can't be worse than the nothing we've produced so far, and you still have your two other high picks in the second round to fall back on if he busts.
I don't see it as an inability in terms of not having the smarts to do it, I see it due to what I believe is our strict criteria in deciding what makes a player BPA. In Houles era skating was not considered critical and what we ended up with were big physical guys who couldn't skate, , big character guys who couldn't skate, big skilled guys who couldn't skate... and none of them did anything in the NHL because they couldn't skate. Different since then and we have lots of successful picks because TT and the team want skill and guys who can skate. Most important considerations in picking guys and helps in part explain our success, along with TT just being that good. Most of the time cant get big guys who can skate and have good skill where we draft and so because I don't think we value size and physicality much, we end up with smallish , fast and skilled.

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