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06-14-2013, 12:28 PM
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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
If so...DO IT NOW. And hope that Diaz will become your Markov. I mean we did it with a downhill Cole...why not do it with a downhill Markov? 'Cause our depth is better up front....well thank god for rookies it was. But maybe Bergevin isn't done trading on the back end. Trading Markov might create a gap IF Diaz can't fulfill his potential or if no rookies like, let say a Tinordi or a Beaulieu can fill the spot. Or if Bergevin is unable to trade.

But if you REALLY can have a 1st AND more for Markov from Philly? You are freakin talking about the 11th overall pick here? Where do I sign? THIS is the year where we change the face of this franchise. If you are able to keep our picks and add an 11th of probably the best draft year since 2003....I mean, again...where do I freakin sign.
Cole it was a case of a guy with a sour attitude and not wanting him around the kids, was also nice they could replace him with Ryder and still get a pick. I don't think his abilities necessarily declined as much as his drive.

I don't see them trading Markov now unless it's for huge return. Signing him to a good extension may be the best of both worlds, you keep him as long as you need him and if he becomes ependable a declining slary makes him easy to move to small/medium markets.

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