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Originally Posted by AUS Fan View Post
I don't have a problem with players going to grad school like Cuddihy and Pierce who enrolled in the MBA program, if I'm not mistaken. The two players I mentioned were not in the MBA, but in a "Sports" Masters program. One of them did not graduate from SFX, but was allowed in because he was a good person and was recommended by some influential people. Do I really care? No. I was happy for Prids to win as he missed out in 2010 when he was injured. My point is don't disguise the program as anything other than a place for athletes to go and play a 5th year without having to enroll in an MBA or BEd program.

Further to this, I'm not interested in what the NCAA does or other schools may do for basketball players. I would guess that in the CIS, most basketball or football players doing 5th year, are likely taking undergrad courses. My focus is on CIS hockey in general and AUS in particular.
To whom it may concern,

Firstly, I would like to mention that only recently did I find out that there was a forum in which to discuss the events surrounding the UNB Men’s Hockey team, this is probably a good thing. Further, let it be known that I will not be a regular contributor to this board as I have an extreme bias towards the program. However, the discussion regarding the aforementioned “Sports” Masters program struck a nerve and I felt compelled to reply.

The first item that needs to be addressed is your distinction between the MBA program and the “Sports” Masters program. In fact, the program is classified as the Masters in Business Administration in Sport and Recreation Management. Therefore, acceptance is granted via a collaborative effort from the Faculties of Business Administration and Kinesiology. All of this information regarding the program and its acceptance criteria is simply three clicks away; however, I will make it much easier,

Secondly, the comment regarding “recommendations from influential people” previously mentioned. I am assuming this is a tongue-in-cheek reference to Gardiner “pulling strings” around campus. Does Gardiner play an active role in getting people into the programs they desire? Absolutely, just like every other Head Coach in the entirety of CIS Hockey. However, to say that he can march into the offices of Dr. Judy Roy at the Faculty of Business Administration or Dr. Ian Reid, the founder of the program and esteemed member of the Faculty of Kinesiology and demand acceptance into the “Sports” Masters program, is reprehensible. Several instances in the past, (and I can assure that I am as reliable as you can get on this topic), elite CIS hockey players have shown interest in enrolling at UNB in a Graduate program only to be refused admittance due to a lack of the stated requirements.

I am currently enrolled in the MBA in Sport and Recreation Management and am working diligently to graduate in the Fall of 2013. The program has taught me a lot and my current internship at Hockey Alberta has been an outstanding opportunity to get a firsthand look at the way sport organizations operate on a day to day basis. To launch a smear campaign against the program and UNB Hockey is laughable, and actually quite insulting.

I think this board is fantastic and I love the passion that AUS hockey fans have. My message is not meant to offend or disrespect anybody; I just felt it necessary to defend two things that I am very passionate about. I will not be posting on this board, unless of course another egregious statement is made on this topic. I wish you all nothing but the very best.


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