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06-14-2013, 12:53 PM
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Originally Posted by jetsfan8 View Post
the world is soft, and im worried for the future

a few people need to be thrown back into the 60s get real, and toughen up a bit

pretty sad that this was made an issue, people need to stop with this politically correct bs,
You probably weren't alive in the 60s. If you were, I guess you missed the part about racial and gender discrimination. Remember Martin Luther King? He was shot in the 60s. There were no black NFL quarterbacks till the 70s and homophobia was broadly accepted in vast swaths of society. Evander likely would not ever have had the opportunity to be talked about like this in the 60s.
Yeah, them were the good ol' days, especially for blacks and gays.

Originally Posted by Bartho View Post
Whenever I walk around in public, proudly sporting my swastika adorned apparel I get all kinds of dirty looks and even threats of violence. Don't these people know that for 3000 years the swastika has represented life, strength, and good luck? Sure, the Nazis co opted the symbol, but that's not at all what I intend to promote when I wear the symbol. And I bet at least 80% of the people that get offended aren't even Jews!
Please tell me this is some misguided attempt at humour or parody...because if it isn't, it is the most ignorant remark I have ever read on these boards.

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