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06-14-2013, 02:02 PM
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Going to work on some gymnastic style work outs tonight after work.

Dips, pull ups, chin ups, muscle ups, hand stand push ups, push ups, body weight exercises. Going to work on body control with rolls, some calf raises. Ab work outs and rotational exercises. Devote at least 45 minutes of intensity to this.

Devote at least 30 minutes to static stretching.

And then throughout the night I will work on some hockey skills (stick handling and shooting) in my garage and hopefully just some physical mechanics. I have developed a a pain in my right foot and I think it is from my new job and poor workout habits. Its def muscle pain and not bone. So I will try to reconstruct over the next few days, maybe weeks, on how I walk, sit and work out. Focus on form and balance. Hopefully doing this I improve many things like lower back pain, the right foot pain and develop better form when I run and skate.

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