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Originally Posted by GoneFullHolmgren View Post
Not sure I agree, if you think Loungo can help the team and the price is right it cannot hurt. Sure you want to see if Mason can be the guy, but at the same time you need someone reliable in case Mason falters.
It's a tough situation. I think if you get Luongo on more than a cheap one year deal (which I think is the most likely scenario...probably 2-3 years at 3-4 million), you are essentially saying that Mason is NOT going to be our guy. If that is the case, ok. I am not necessarily against that. But if you really want to see what Mason can do, you have to give him every opportunity. You can't have Luongo sitting there, who I think is a better goalie and I think most would agree, and either not use him as a starter, or use him solely as a starter. If you do that, well in two years we are looking for a goalie now to replace Luongo.

IMO you have to say ok Mason is our guy, find a good backup and roll with that, or say Mason is not our guy, let's get Luongo and see what happens with Stolarz or someone else when Luongo is done. Having mason and Luongo only complicates things. Is it better for the team in the short term? Probably. But long term I think it simply makes it more complicated.

Originally Posted by CanadianFlyer88 View Post
Do you seriously want to hand the reins over to a guy who has only one full year (2009) as a starter of a save percentage above 0.901 and a goals against below 3.00?

From what I have seen from the Flyers' management, they want to win; they don't want to test the waters with someone who may be a capable starter... hell, it's the exact reason why Bryz was brought it when the Flyers still had Bobrovsky.

The reason that the Bryz experiment failed is because the Flyers misjudged how he could handle playing in Philly. By all accounts, Luongo is a great lockerroom guy and has played in a high pressure city and been successful.
And that is fine. In fact, I had no problem with that when they did it with Bryz and I would not have a problem doing that with Luongo. Basically what I am saying is you have to make up your mind. Either see what Mason has or go with Luongo. You can't do both IMO.

I haven't said in any of these posts that the Flyers necessarily should hand it all over to Mason. All I am saying is that if they want to see what Mason has and see if he can be a capable starter, they shouldn't bring in a better goalie on what is most likely going to be a longer and more expensive contract. That will not solve anything. If they don't think Mason has what it takes, then bring in Luongo as a two year or so stop gap.

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