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Originally Posted by Stizzle View Post
I think you're being too hard on Mason. Under Howson, that was maybe the worst run team in sports. He was on terrible teams year after year. It was a culture of losing and inept people. No one young goalie is going to flourish under those circumstances. They brought in Davidson and he started changing everything. I think Mason can do very well here under the right circumstances. We bought Luke Schenn last year when he was at his worst, and he was very good. Mason can do the same.
Howson was the GM in Columbus well before Mason had his best season. Past his rookie season, Mason was actually pretty consistent; unfortunately, his play was consistently amongst the worst starters in the NHL.

A change of scenery may have been exactly what Mason needed, but I hope the Flyers don't use his seven games as a Flyers as the indicator that he has turned his game around and is ready to be the bonafide starter for the upcoming season.

Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
And that is fine. In fact, I had no problem with that when they did it with Bryz and I would not have a problem doing that with Luongo. Basically what I am saying is you have to make up your mind. Either see what Mason has or go with Luongo. You can't do both IMO.

I haven't said in any of these posts that the Flyers necessarily should hand it all over to Mason. All I am saying is that if they want to see what Mason has and see if he can be a capable starter, they shouldn't bring in a better goalie on what is most likely going to be a longer and more expensive contract. That will not solve anything. If they don't think Mason has what it takes, then bring in Luongo as a two year or so stop gap.
Nothing in the past 25 years has suggested that the Flyers are willing to be patient with a young goalie. I would be shocked (and disappointed) if the Flyers chose Mason as the young goalie they finally showed confidence in to lead the team to glory.

I also wouldn't see Luongo as a 'stop-gap'. He's two years removed from a very solid run to game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final; he's still a good starter.

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