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Originally Posted by Jonathan. View Post
What the hell is with people who keep thinking this is a Torts thing?

The NHL changed its policy a few years ago re: disclosure of player injuries. You do realize that this is because many coaches and players do not want injuries disclosed so opposing players don't target said injuries, correct?

Why the hell should Torts, etc. disclose injuries when they are now under no obligation to? It protects the players and helps the team to not have injuries targeted by some stupid goon.

I never understood why anyone complained about this. It's patently ridiculous to ***** about Torts and the team not releasing injury details. FWIW, I am sorry to be so harsh with you here. But I have seen this line spewed on this board countless times. And most of the people complaining are newer posters (I take it to mean that most of them do not understand the rule change, were not fans when the rule change went through, or were not as hardcore of fans to ever care about said rule change). You may not fall into that category of fans, but a lot on here do.

The rule change exists for a very good reason and Torts is correct to not disclose injury when he does not have to.
The complaints stem out of the fact that the Rangers are MUCH more stingy with injury disclosure then other teams.

They have a right to do it, as do people who are annoyed by it to complain.

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