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Originally Posted by Bartho View Post
No, it's precisely analogous to the moronic defence used by cheswick and yourself that because a word/symbol has multiple meanings, anyone who would get offended by its use is a PC crybaby.
The only thing moronic is the notion that someone's indignation should get to overwrite what the dictionary says a word means. There exist a number of words in the English language that describe dainty, soft, gentle, un-macho mannerisms that are completely devoid of any connotation of sexual orientation whatsoever. Fairy is one of them.

And it isn't "being offended" that is the hallmark of political correctness; it's when one believes ones indignation trumps reality, and that others should be forced to apologize for something they didn't do or say something they didn't say, simply because one chooses to misinterpret words in order to maximize being offended.

Originally Posted by Grind View Post
saying anyone who gets offended at language needs to "toughen up" is as ridiculous...
If I use language that is not offensive, and you take offence to it, you need to toughen up, end of line.

Sounds-hypothetical, actually-real example: if you get offended by my use of the word 'niggardly', the problem is 100.000% with you, not with me.

If it was one voice in a ten thousand complaining, then no, we probably shouldn't care. But it was obviously past the "breaking point" of being a publicly accepted "no-no"
The test for "is something offensive" is NOT "how many people take offence". Even if you aren't offended by '******', that doesn't mean it's not a slur; even if you are offended by 'niggardly', that doesn't mean that it is. Words have dictionary definitions and universally accepted and agreed-upon meanings. You don't get to substitute your own and take offence at your new definitions.

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