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06-14-2013, 02:32 PM
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Originally Posted by shinchanyo View Post
Generally using one of the greatest outliers in pro sports history isn't a good way to support your arguement but I can't argue if you think Hank will continue to shine well into his late 30's. i believe and hope he will too.
Hank compares to only two recent goalies - Marty and Hasek. Hasek also had 300 wins after 31 yrs old.

Originally Posted by Fitzy View Post
I thought about making a 30 year old Hasek-trade-for-young-Jagr comparison, but to me the major difference is that while Hank
s numbers are similar to Hasek's, Hasek did it in a time when he was so far different from the rest of the league that the aforementioned stat of goal difference would have been much bigger.

There are a lot of very competent goaltenders with big contracts who are seen as having no value. Luongo. Fleury. Look at how quickly JS Giguere became considered an albatross.

I love Hank. He is the franchise. But, in terms of real value, if we are being cold and heartless, this isn't even close. Stamkos will be a hall of famer, and very possibly could hit 700 goals in his career. He'd bump the NYR power play to 20%.
Brett Hull is comparable to Stamkos at this point, all offense and a mediocre two way game. Brett Hull won once he was surrounded by other HOF players who pushed his arse hard to work on his game outside the offensive zone.

Yeah we can pick up the next JS Giguere or better yet the overrated Fleury. Then we'd be back to square one.

Originally Posted by 94now View Post
I think Hank for Kovalchuk would be not only equal , but also doable.
Brutal, no thanks.

Originally Posted by Kershaw View Post
Depends, Steven Stamkos is the 3rd best forward in the NHL behind Evgeni Malkin and Sidney Crosby. The 3rd best forward in the league at the time was probably Ilya Kovalchuk, behind MSL and Sakic. A pretty good comparable to current Stamkos. Take your pick on if you'd rather have Kovalchuk from 2005 onwards or Brodeur from 2005 onwards, both are excellent choices.

I expect Stamkos to easily break the 700 goal mark in his career.
Stamkos is the 3rd best forward in the league on offense.

Originally Posted by stan the caddy View Post
Anyone one that wouldn't trade a 31 year old star for a 23 year old star is nuts.
I take the difference maker. Hank is on the ice 60 minutes a game and beats teams with the likes of Ovechkin and Stamkos every year.

But really, goals are more important than a world class goalie, just ask Mike Gartner and his 700 goals !

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