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06-14-2013, 03:15 PM
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Can some explain this money
Puck thing to me? I know it's a strategy in baseball using the amount of times a player gets on base and it somehow equals runs or something. I know a big part of that is getting a bunch of really cheap players that get on base, and using 3 of them or something to replace a very expensive player.

I'm not sure how that equates to hockey, like at all. I know Gillis is said to be a "money puck" GM but all he really do was convince his star players to take less money, circumvent the cap and place players on LTIR. Frankly I think Gillis is a moron, and if the Vancouver example proved anything is that being money puck doesn't work.

I assume you could use shots or possession or something and reason out that if you have such and such amount I shots from one line you could equal Sidney crosby's pts or something. I don't think I really works in Hockey because it doesn't take into consideration how said star player affects the guys around him.

I dunno. Someone help me out here?

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