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06-14-2013, 03:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Laboeuf View Post
One of my friend's uncle works for the Canadiens. He said the Timmins and his scouts have been keeping an eye on Justin Bailey. When I say this I don't mean the Habs will pick Bailey. I mean they are seriously look at selecting him. I don't know if Bailey will still be there at #25. According to many articles, he's 6'4" 190lbs plays center and have good offensive ability. Scouts think he's still raw much like Ryan Getzalf during his draft year. I think the fact that he's half black, half white so people don't think highly of him as a hockey player. If PK Subban wins the Norris that racist mentality will change. I think if we can draft Bailey at #25, I hope Timmins drafts him.
He should be there at 25. And most likely there at our early 2nds.

At their combine last week, apparently Bailey was the one who got by far the most attention from Timmins and the other scouts in terms of conversations on the ice in Bailey's group, that may be what your friend's uncle is talking about.

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