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06-14-2013, 06:06 PM
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Homer's been the definition of a mixed bag. Just some great highlights with tons of lows mixed in. Overall though I think he's done more bad then good. I wouldn't have a problem with him though if I didn't think he were way overdue to be fired.

We rarely are an elite regular season team and the playoffs has just been one giant mixed bag where we've only had one or maybe two special runs. Just based off all that and all the screw-ups and the position we're in now and were in this/last season I'd say he's been given far too many chances. I also think that Homer is representative of one of the things really wrong with this organization in that they hire people based on loyalty more-so then who's best for the job sometimes.

As far as the Pronger trade goes I think it was a risk worth taking and if we had done better in the Chicago SCF and won it all you would all be singing a different tune about it since Pronger and Giroux were extremely instrumental in that run.

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