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06-14-2013, 06:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Each trade has a different purpose. A more productive player that ended up being with us for a whopping 32 games. Not like we are retaining him or anything. The real and true purpose of Cole was unloading his salary. And probably more getting a 3rd round pick out of the deal than half of a year of a productive player.

In the end, it's not how 1 deal looks. It's how at the start of the year, the team is composed of. Bergevin talks about building a team through get an additional 11th pick in that draft, you are surely responding to his wish. And if it was just a question of productivity, you would have probably seen people asking for us to get Gonchar which I'm pretty sure nobody wanted to have.

Besides, it's also about what's coming not what was done. It's up to the team to think how many more years of productivity do we have with Markov. If the idea is the end of his deal and another one...fine. I don't believe it. How many years do you re-sign him for once his deal is done? He is UFA next year, and it doesn't matter how many points he'd be getting this'd have to take a decision in just 1 year. I've seen tons of teams trading productive players when their UFA period was close by. Chances are Markov won't have that much power over us as he probably knows because of his injury that his value might not be at an all-time high, but then who knows if he is still productive? Was a short season this year a problem with him 'cause it was too dense? Surely. Will a longer season, while with more games, but less condensed be better with him? Probably. At one point, decisions will need to be made. OF COURSE, we'll need to have a strong D. And if getting a trade pick isn't the solution as Diaz or any other won't be able to replace Markov....well if he has such value for a productive player, maybe we could trade him for another, maybe less productive player but more physical one.
We'll also be able to see if Markov can adapt, if he has to. The guy barely played over the past couple of years, you don't get back up to speed with only one summer and a couple of games in the KHL.
I don't think Markov really gets the recognition he deserves. I think he had a remarkable season all things considered, and the only way I move him is if there's a massive overpayment coming our way.

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