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06-14-2013, 06:40 PM
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How can Holmgren possibly get an A or B in drafting???

JVR??? Sure he's a very good player but who couldn't draft a player like that with the #2 OA pick??? You CAN'T possibly give him a good grade for making the OBVIOUS pick. What's astounding is that there was a picture of the Flyers war room where they actually had JVR at the top of their draft list ABOVE Kane. Honestly??? Imagine if we had not lost the lottery and STILL taken JVR over Kane. Wouldn't that be a major failure??? Freaking Klotz in the 3rd rnd??? A goon with no skills that most scouts had going in the 6th or 7th rnd if getting drafted at all???

Sbissa??? A high 1st rnd pick that's looking more and more like just a 2nd pairing guy (not the perennial Norris candidate type dman Holmgren heralded him as when he came to camp).

2009 and 2010 we didn't have a 1st or 2nd rnd pick and nobody he drafted in either of those years look to be anything more than roster filler players. ANY GM can do this and they usually have more success in the later rounds than Homer does.

2011??? He couldn't help it that other teams passed up on Coots who was PROJECTED to go in the top 5. It was dumb luck (actually just stupidity by other GMs) that we got Coots at 8th. Any GM with half a brain would have taken Coots at #8 (and thank god Homer has at least half a brain). Lets not forget that Paul himself said that we were actually targeting Siemens (a dman who still hasn't made an Avs team with a terrible defensive core) with the #8 pick and NOT Hamilton (a dman who is already playing in the NHL on a very strong Bruins team). It's yet to be seen whether or not any of his other picks in the draft will pan out.

2012, can't really comment on this draft class yet as it's too early to tell. Laughton looks to be a good pick but remember, Homer took him earlier than he was projected to go so it's yet to be seen whether it was a good choice or not.

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