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Originally Posted by Guffaw View Post
We can go back and forth for days. Culture, attitude, etc none of it matters because its out of your control. You can't control what others do, when a puck or stick gets deflected, a skate blade coming up, etc. Your taking on the risk, accept what goes along with that. I don't wish anyone to get hurt, but when I see the blood, the hunching over, etc i don't feel bad. They made the choice. I have to say the majority of the facial injuries I've seen have not been from malicious intent or from anyone being careless.
Almost every single facial injury is carelessness or negligence. Your stick should not be high... period. There's no reason for it to be high every. You don't swat pucks at head level and the odd jumping around a guy wouldn't result in serious injuries if you're controlling your stick while doing it. You can argue players should be using full cages and you may be right.... but that doesn't excuse carelessness. There are very few situations where you can say it was a legitimate accident (ie. deflection off a stick). Almost all of them though are people who don't control their stick and for whatever reason swing it around at head level and then apologize profusely afterwards.

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