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06-15-2013, 01:20 AM
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Originally Posted by HossTheBoss View Post
I still don't see why people are in a hurry to move Bolland. I don't think he'll be looking for a big raise next summer, and in the role he's currently in, he's among the best in the league. Him being here next year shouldn't effect signing Bickell if Chicago moves Frolik and buysout/dumps Olesz/Montador.

I get Chicago has some prospects/young players coming, but they haven't arrived yet. There's going to have to be some tough decisions made in the next couple years - I get that - and I understand that Kruger and Shaw have taken steps and there are people out there that will argue they could bring what Bolland does at a fraction of the price, but having watched Bolly all through his Junior days up to and including his time with the Hawks, he's simply a guy you want to have on your team. He's been a winner wherever he's gone and he's willing to play any role and do anything, to help his team win. I also get he's had a tough year, and he's had his injury problems, I just don't see that as enough of a reason to move him.

Perhaps, in the not too distant future, Danault comes up and really impresses.. or Shaw/Kruger truly take that next step where you can say they're playing as well as Bolland can when he's healthy, but we're not at that point yet and it'd be a shame for Chicago to part with a player capable as being as impactful as Dave Bolland can be, especially when they're a contending team and Bolly's in the prime of his career.
It's not just about what we can's also about what he can get elsewhere. I have no desire to sew him up long term - nor to devote cap space to him.

He's replaceable - and he's in a position where we can get something for him. Now is the time to move him.

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