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06-15-2013, 02:38 AM
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I am a little shocked at two things.
1) That anyone can even argue that Tavares should not be the captain. I understand the rational for Okposo. I fore one have vocalized on numerous occasions my endorsement of Okposo for the C. How quickly some forget that Okposo was the new budding face of this franchise long before Tavares was even a twinkle in the Islanders eye. Thus, i could see why some would campaign pro Okposo, among other attributes that make Kyle a quality candidate. However, to say Tavares might not be ready or that the weight of the letter would prove to be to much weight to bare... If anyone is ready, its the kid who has been in the spotlight since he stepped on skates. Mind you, all in one of the most media influenced circus territories hockey has to offer.

Then upon being drafted becomes the target of scrutiny in regards to his ability and his desire to have to resurrect a floundering franchise. All the while basically having to deal with his hometown media asking how soon will he ditch the Islanders and come play for Toronto. Only to sign an extension with the Islanders. Take the team on his back night in and night out, show raw emotion time after time, and improve night in and night out. Ascending both him self and the Islanders into a nationally recognized franchise again.

2) The varying opinion on Okposo's status as any type of letter. The range from C to absolutely no letter what so ever is kind of perplexing. When you consider Kyle has worn an A for the majority of his career on the Island, to assume the kid would be totally void of at least that is silly, no? I can see why some would argue against a C but to not even nominate the kid for an A is just not using your noodle.

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