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Originally Posted by ChiTownPhilly View Post
My top four (a.k.a: all-time Philly Team Sports Mt. Rushmore) will follow...
... and so we continue---

4. Reggie White. My choice for greatest Defensive End in football history [I think Deacon Jones is his only serious rival], and by extension in the conversation for greatest defensive player in football history. Alone among the players so far mentioned in that he never played in a Championship game as a Philadelphia player. I don't believe that should be held against his memory. A continual winner in his gridiron matchups, his only notable losses were to Father Time and The Grim Reaper.

3. Wilt Chamberlain. Still the plurality choice for best Center in NBA history. His freakish seasonal scoring feats were at their apex with the Philadelphia Warriors... but it was with the 76ers that he, Peyton Manning-like, got his Philadelphia NBA championship ring. [He would later add another with Los Angeles in 1972.] Later generations might not retain full awareness that the man averaged nearly 23 rebounds a game over the course of an entire career.

2. Mike Schmidt. Evaluation of players vis--vis other players at the same position involves variations in certitude. We can believe that Chamberlain is superior to Jabbar, or Reggie White is superior to Gino Marchetti... but I think it can be argued with greater clarity that Mike Schmidt is the greatest 3rd Baseman in baseball history; his reputation safe from the late challenge of the compilations of a "better-living-through-chemistry" Alex Rodriguez. If, improbably, you and your friends were having a fantasy-draft, with ALL of the people who ever played baseball as your pool, Mike Schmidt's name would be called mighty early.

[Number one, basically, deserves his own essay... to be continued---]

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