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06-15-2013, 04:35 AM
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Originally Posted by Habs View Post
I haven't heard MB say we were rebuilding
he may or may not have said it and frankly i don't quite remember, he may have used the word 'retooling' instead but no matter, he took over a last in the east team and his moves so far have indicated as much: the bouillon signing, the cole trade, didn't send any picks (other than a fifth i believe) anywhere and the only depth he acquired at the deadline is the guy were spending 13 pages on right now

Originally Posted by Habs View Post
and I don't remember the blueline being 'fine' when the post season came around.
of course it wasn't! most of us had the team either in the basement again, or 8th/9th place. our 2nd place finish last year was an aberration, an illusion that really hid the underlying problem of this team which we are all well aware of. you can't trade your way our of it because you have no surplus of valuable prospects and no one will take your garbage unlike the trade board here, and you can't UFA (that's right, like a verb) your way out of it.

so you draft your way out of it. this guy and bouillon and the impending armstrong signing are placeholders. nothing more.

you guys really want GMMB to go and massively overpay - because that's what it's gonna take to get those players here - for guys like Clarkson or Clowe, guys that will make you feel good in the near term but that will all turn you into Whiskeyseven on Gionta a couple of years down the road?

Originally Posted by Habs View Post
I could endure a few more losing seasons, if this team was interesting to watch. I mean, if we had some physical play/toughness to the team while we 'retooled' for the future, I wouldn't complain too much.

But to watch this team lose, like a bunch of victims.. no fight, just little scratches.. it's sickening. If MB doesn't address the team's physical/toughness play before the season starts, I'm done. I'm suiciding this moniker and giving up. I can't take another decade of pansies prancing around an 82 game season, shooting pucks at the other team when they get angry.
well that's an entirely different subject...

Originally Posted by Hackett
Expectations can change pretty fast when things go better than expected. I always thought MT won't last more than 2 or 3 seasons in Montreal, and now he has the additional burden to follow up on the expectations created from the success of last season. I kind of feel sorry for him now, lol
yeah. before last season, everybody was fine with the idea that we were gonna bomb for a couple of years, but now? good luck MT

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