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06-15-2013, 05:21 AM
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Originally Posted by Sealink View Post
About a KHL-team in Germany:
I 'm not sure about it.
I'd guess a "real" hockey fan wouldn't care where his/her team's opponent is coming from, as long as they can see a good game.
But from what I observe during the European Trophy in Berlin, there seem to be coming more people to the games against Hamburg then to those against other European teams.
So, for the normal visitor it seems to be more important to know the opponent than to have a (hopefully) better level of hockey.
Spent some time in Russia this year and man, there are some folks involved with the KHL that truly want to see it expand as far as possible. Lots of talk about having teams in towns like London and Paris, much less Oslo, Berlin, Copenhagen, and Vienna. They continue to point to the Rigas, Minsks and Bratislavas of the world, stating that these countries could find ways to get a lot of their own national team players together at one site to compete in Europe's best league.

They honestly don't see why these cities would have anything against that.

@Chapin Landvogt: That's what the DEB should exist for in my opinion: youth hockey, national team, maybe referees. Not for organizing the pro-league(s)...
I would personally agree with that for the most part, the thing is, the DEB won't be doing much in organizing youth hockey within the organizations of the pro teams, at least that's my impression. And if they aren't working together, then I'm not sure who is keeping those organizations 'committed' to investing in that aspect. Probably no-one.

Then again, not quite sure why the DEB can't do things much like USA Hockey does stateside?

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