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06-15-2013, 05:58 AM
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Originally Posted by habtastic View Post
No doubt he would be interesting to watch and for sure he's a future star, but when they give out trophies, it should be for things that exemplify what hockey is all about and Huberdeau just scored some trick goals while Gallagher was one of the most exciting NHLers, let alone rookies. He had people talking about him for all the "white" reasons while Hubby was just in the highlight reel sometimes for a meaningless goal.

I'm not too broken apart about it, but agree that if anyone were to win it over Gallagher, should have been Brodin.
pretty sure if it has been the opposite, Gallagher playing for a **** team and Huberdeau for a good one, we'd all be talking about how important Huberdeau has been for his team...

Dont get me wrong, I'd like for Gallagher to win the trophy, but putting up points on the board when you have **** team mates is not an easy task (even if given more ice time and al), especially for a rookie.

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