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06-15-2013, 08:56 AM
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Originally Posted by StellerEller View Post
Not surprised to see the thread on Chara locked so quickly. We can't have the main board's favourite team being shown for what they are, can we? I'm not so upset about the punch itself. Plays like that happen all the time whether a guy has had an injury to his face or not. However, what pisses me off is the fact that Crosby is being held so that Chara can sucker punch him (the epitome of cowardice) and that he denies it after while there's a video clear as day showing him do it. And of course TSN has their chuckle.

Garbage play by a coward. Chara is an excellent hockey player, but he lacks class and has a long list of intent to injure occurrences. I'd like to see Bs fans deny that with a straight face. (wait I do all the time )
Could have been worse, Chara could have tried to suffocate him with his forearm leaving only the biting option to survive. I'm not sure Crosby's teeth are in good enough shape for that and he would have met the fate Grabovski so narrowly escaped!

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