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Originally Posted by Kyle McMahon View Post
Defensive play of a defenseman is evidently difficult to evaluate as well, considering the likes of PK Subban came in as a Norris finalist over Zdeno Chara or Duncan Keith.

I think the awards voting has it's value historically from the eras where media members actually watched games, saw every team, and had a feel for many players in the league. In a 30-team league, those days are a thing of the past.
I also wonder if the media voting today is less qualified than media from the Original six era.

The beat guy for, I dunno, say, the Florida Panthers? How much about hockey does he really know? Is he a hockey fan, or is he a baseball or football writer who got the hockey beat when no one else wanted it?

You certainly have to think he's not as indoctrinated into the game as Red Fischer was back in the day.

And note: this is not meant to bash non-traditional markets. Fans in those markets are as knowledgeable as anyone else. But that's because hockey is those fans' passion and pasttime. Those fans chose hockey. Did the beat writers in non-traditional markets choose hockey? Or did they choose sports writing, and ended up with hockey? Sometimes I wonder. Especially when I see some of the award voting.

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