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06-15-2013, 11:13 AM
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Originally Posted by BlueshirtBlitz View Post
Looks like Victor might force the Giants hand when it comes to deciding who to pay between him, 'Keem, and JPP.

Also, I love Eli but we can't give him credit for everything. If he could turn **** into gold Ramses Barden would be the next Plax. Sinorice Moss would've been Randy. As great as Eli is, it does take two, and Cruz is a very talented receiver.
Eli makes his receivers great, especially his tight ends. I'm not saying Cruz isn't a special receiver, because he is.

What would the trade market for a guy like Cruz be at the deadline? I really know nothing about NFL trades, when guys get dealt for 2nd round picks it blows my mind. I think Cruz can be lost if we can get value back. Make Barden the #2 and Randle or Jernigan in the slot. Eli can make up for some of these guys lesser talents.

And I might catch some flak for this, but, I fully believe that Nicks is by far and away the Giants best receiver.

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