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Originally Posted by HCH View Post
That is a bold statement. It leapfrogs him ahead of Pacioretty and Eller. If he rises above those guys, it will be an amazing development. Any Habs fan would be crazy not to wish for that to happen but I think it is a longshot.

Personally, I would be very happy if he developed into a solid 3rd line player but even that is going to be a challenge for him when you see rest of the players in the organization.
My bad, I just didn't include them in there cuz I ironically think the world of them as already developed players (I am and always have been a HUGE Eller fan - a lot of people jumped on the bandwagon this year), not to say I don't of PK. Just mental mistake.

Yes, it is bold to say that, but I really think in the future, like 4-5 years, not 2-3 years, Leblanc will be established in his role and will be effective in a Plekanec way (who is my favourite player because he's so cerebral and works his ass off for the CH). I know that's making it sound like he'll develop too late, but better late than never and I'm being conservative. Might be sooner than that.

I don't think he will have a problem on the wing and if he does end up being our 3rd line C, he will be one of the best within our very deep team. I've watched him a lot, even through the tough times and I see a player who really just needs to get over a hump. Pacioretty had so much hype after that exhibition goal against Det yeaaaars ago, and then turned into a "bust". People say nobody called McDo and Patches busts, but they did. A LOT! Then Patches just blew us away last year (and despite his ****** season IMO this year, did manage some sizeable pity points). Granted, Patches did very well in the AHL and that's the REASON for his turnaround, but LL had a legitimately difficult injury. There's no way for me to justify him 100% becoming a very solid NHLer except that I see things in him that, for example, I see in a guy like Toews. I know that sounds crazy and they'll never be on the same level, but LL has the character and determination to make himself better and I truly believe it will happen.

Originally Posted by MasterD View Post
That's besides the point though. This thread is about Leblanc. Leblanc, while he still has a long shot chance at becoming a 3rd line NHLer looks more and more like a bust... Yes, 1st round busts happen, no one expects 100% success with our picks, but we're allowed to wish for the best.
More and more because of one bad season. Consider the half year he spent with the last place Habs when we went from "LL is at most 3rd line center" to "This guy has top 6 potential" -- things can change quickly and we should really give the situation more time to develop. I would be crushed if we did something stupid like traded him away. Would be a huge huge mistake for the organization. I do agree that we did invest a very valuable pick in him, though. Thankfully, I think he'll pan out very well.

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