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Originally Posted by Marc the Habs Fan View Post
1987 and 1984 are just crazy. FOUR guys playing 1000 games in 1984, 3 in 1987 and 1 who came damn close. It's mind boggling.

And don't forget Ed Ronan in that 1987 class, huge hustle play to negate an icing in Game 2 in OT vs BUF in 1993 to set-up Carbo's winner!

Looking back at all those 80's drafts, it's stunning how many good players the scouting staff picked after round 1. Ludwig, Chelios, Kurvers, Lemieux, Richer, Roy, Lumme (who barely played here but had a solid NHL career), LeClair, Desjardins, Schneider, Brisebois, etc. Even useful parts like Momesso, Hill, Odelein, Brunet and Gilchrist. You can add in 1990 they got Craig Conroy in the 6th round and he played 1000 games in the league.

Yet they constantly failed in round 1 during that long stretch aside from 1984 with Svoboda and Corson and 1987 with Cassels. It shows you how inexact of a science this can be.
There was a common thread to many of the 1st round busts, Pederson, Bilodeau, Chouinard, Ward, M. Higgins, Ryan, etc.. couldn't skate. Not saying there weren't other issues but all pretty much had foot speed issues which the Habs would tell us would improve but didn't. So it wasn't bad luck, it was a bad philosophy. I will note that these boys were all at least averaged size, most bigger, so I think BPA back then had size as the main factor for the 1st round. Clearly starting with Andre Savard the focus became speed and skill so our success is much better ( along with TT ) , but it also means a small and not so physical team, because we usually don't pick where we get speed, skill and size, Patches, Tinordi with good speed anyway being exceptions ( Chips a real exception ) . This year I hope is different and we do land some big physical boys who can skate, especially at D ie Morin, Heatherington, etc. My fear is we pass them all over for averaged sized or under skill and speed guys , at least just one big bruising D potential guy in the 1st of our 3 picks and Im happy.

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