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06-15-2013, 12:55 PM
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So, I am not usually one for complaining about refs, but last night one of them in our game was just absurd.

It's one thing when we're talking about some messed up icing or offsides calls, but this guy took bad reffing up a notch. He was a crotchety old ******* and harassed players on both sides, and not in a good-natured way. He would complain about teams clearing pucks up the boards when he was there. When I would line up in the face-off dot when he was dropping it (which seemed like 80% of the time for me), he would make me cover the top of my stick with my hand (?) even though their center had basically the same hand positioning as I did on quite a few of them. How is that a rule?

Once, we had a puck go out of play near our bench and one of our guys went to get it. He gingerly tossed the puck back onto the ice once he got it. But, Oldy McFartpants yelled at him and said "I love getting pucks by my head all night." The puck was not even near his head, but rather just in his general direction and he had complained a few seconds later about our "team being lazy" and not getting the puck a few seconds earlier.

The same guy that threw the 90 MPH fastball puck at his head got a blantant knee to the back of his knee later and there was no call on the play.

Fortunately, tonto's partner was a cool, younger guy and fortunately we won the game. But, when a ref goes after players the way this guy did, it's not cool... I expect and don't blame refs for a few bad calls each game, but not harassing people should go both ways. I certainly do my best to be very respectful to refs and I just gave him the old "thanks, ref" after the handshake.

I guess some people are just angry that the scout didn't pick them?

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