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06-15-2013, 03:10 PM
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Awesome. The way Dean was talking I thought Willie was a longshot for a return, but if he comes back that would be amazing. I'd still like to re-sign Scuds. Since teams are always hungry for a good stay-at-home D, it should be easy to move either Scuderi or RR for a decent return. Regehr would be my choice; IMO Scuds is just better. Of course, Scuds may not re-sign with us, which would make Willie's return all that more important.
Dean was being honest last week and Mitchell is a long shot to return. He has to skate it's part of his rehab process and if the Kings want him on LTIR that is part of the deal. The same reason Pronger has to come to Philly every few months to see a doctor and then report that he' making some progress' when he'll never play agan and it's a loophole to keep him on LTIR>

I love Willie and the Kings missed him in more ways to count this year, eps in the Room. And I hope he can rehab to the point of contact and return, but it might not be to the same level as he left.

Sighing RR was insurance against either Willie not returing or the Kings not having the money that Scuds wants and maybe what another team will give him.

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