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Originally Posted by Draft View Post
I can agree with this. I'm about done with how this team has been managed over the past decade. If you don't take risks you aren't likely to get big rewards. I think we should move away from the Markov-Plekanec safety net some time soon and start building a team that's capable of being a powerhouse. We have the assets to get there and we've got an excellent base to work from. Just got to look ahead. I'd like to see changes.
great post my friend and its not about risk , its about knowing where you are now and far r u away from competing and taking the steps to get there

now I am not trading Markov for a bag of chips or dumping Pleks until Galchy and Eller are a legit 1-2

my point on Dias is this , he is a small soft finesse defensivley challenged player not built for the playoffs

I have a 6`3" 205 pound D who maybe 220 when its done named Nathan who might be our futrure Markov

put him in there and not Dias who will never be the answer , and I would rather learn with him than waste 4 years keepin Dias and watch the same ineffective playoff player

same goes with Ryder ..why pay him at the end of his career when I have Kristo who may replace him and we did theright thing letting him go

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