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06-15-2013, 05:28 PM
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Regarding AV I'm not going to comment until I see us play for several games. I don't know nearly enough about him now to make a judgment on what I think of the decision. I did like the analysis posted about him though on that canucks blog. Seemed good and I like the things they say he provides (I mean if one of your main cons is "Doesn't do well with the media" that's pretty good). They didn't have too much negative to say about his actual gameplan disregarding treatment of young players (which is usually exaggerated focusing on specific situations - ex. Torts terrible with Kreider but overall pretty good there) and sitting back with leads (has potential to be extremely frustrating if he does this).

And I think everyone should stop criticizing Messiers candidacy. He's never coached before. You have no idea if he will make a good coach or a bad coach. Obviously Sather and the Rangers who have worked with him and interviewed with him will have a significantly greater handle on that situation than any fan on the outside. Using the "If it doesn't work out and we have to fire him what will happen then...?" type argument doesn't even make sense. 1. Why assume it won't work out? 2. If it doesn't that you just fire him the same as any other coach. He doesn't get special treatment once he's the coach (sure maybe he gets some special treatment beforehand such as saying he'd like to be considered/wants an interview but once that happened he's on the same plane as every other candidate). Personally if it were between Messier and some other coach who had a poor track record/system etc..I'd highly prefer the unknown than the given poor results.

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