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I wrote it quite poorly but, you bring up some good points. I'm thinking more of our current lineup and the risks we need to take to bring our team to the next level (i.e. Plekanec, Markov, ~Price, Bourque etc.). Looking at potential short term risk/loss and making it into a long-term gain.

That's what a lot of people miss out on. I'm happy with how well our team did this year and I'd hate to take away from their success but, I can't see us repeating or sustaining that type of production over an 82 game season, we hardly did over the 48.

Chicago, LA, Boston and Pittsburgh are all built around a group of elite core players that will give them a cup window for x amount of years. We have the chance to replicate that to a certain extent and we NEED to define our core and build around it. Add the players that give this group of core players the best chance at succeeding.




This is our core IMO. Build around this and give these players a chance to compete, our old core of Plekanec, Markov, ~Bourque, Gionta, Gomez, Cammy, etc. are passed their chance at competing. If we don't take this chance to build around this group of players, our moveable assets will have lost their value and we'll have missed our chance at building a powerhouse team.

beautiful great great thread , I would add Emelin and maybe a few others but you are correct much work is needed

bang on my friend

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