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10-13-2006, 09:14 PM
Qui Gon Dave
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Well, thats one heck of a disappointing way to end a game. Where did Danis think he could send that puck at the end? He could have just sent it to the far side boards or up the other side but he tried to put it across the front of the Bears player. As for the mix up by the defenders at the Bears blue line, it looked a bit like the way the D played in their own zone during the 3rd only further up the rink. Confusion. No accuracy. Mistakes being made

before the next game, someone needs to wake half our defense up. Benoit didn't seem noticable outside of the 1st, Jancevski was quite quiet, O'Byrne didn't stand out in front of his own net. Traverse had some nice plays but made some mistakes (eg/ horrible pass up the middle from his own zone in the 3rd). Groulx was the best of the bunch in my eyes.

Up front, very little happened in the 3rd. Chip showed some flaws in his game in the 3rd, 2 give aways from his own zone on one shift. First 40 mintes he was great, last 20, not so much..

Danis may have made a mistake on the 3rd but the 2nd there seemed little he could do. The Bears player gained the zone and made a drop pass and Bourque stepped into it and ripped it past the screen created by his teammate and the dogs defensemn backing in towards the net. As for the disallowed goal, seemed a good call to me. Danis had it covered well before the Bears player dived in and shoved Danis into his own net.

Didn't notice Grabovski in the 3rd whatsoever, I assume he was benched in favour of having more experience on the ice. In related offensive player news, why was Stortini on the same line as Locke-Kostitsyn? I feel he has a place on the team but he surely can't be the best guy to complement those two guys? Would like to see Baines played on the left of them.

Ferland, Milroy and to a lesser extent Lapierre seemed to do their jobs quietly with occassional flashes of skill (moreso Lapierre). Hopefully they start firing on all cylinders soon and when they do, they will get the team playing with energy for 60 minutes.

Disappointing end but there were some positives from the game and its still very early in the season. Good game to build from. Work on the back end, play the full game with energy, the team can create chances when we play in their zone, practice breakouts and powerplays, play Halak in the next game (tomorrow i think). Hopefully Cote wont be out too long, would like to see him back.

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