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Originally Posted by Coppy View Post
I'm sorry, I guess I'm in the minority here, but I really can't blame the Flyers for this.

After that disaster against the Bruins in the playoffs, was there anyone here that wasn't screaming at organization to go out and get a legit goalie? Well, once that happens, Bob's future here is done.

I and few others had hoped that they bring in Voukon for a shorter deal to be a stopgap till Bob ready to step in. But it was obvious the team (and most of the fans) wouldn't be satisfied with anything less than a franchise goalie (which they thought they were getting in Bryz). Had the team not traded Bob last season then he plays this year as a backup, plays in a handful of games then bails for the KHL after the season because he was unhappy, and the Flyers get nothing for him.

I wonder, if he ends up leaving Columbus now for the KHL, does this instantly become a good trade? If Columbus now has to hand out a ridiculous contract to a guy with one good season because he has all the leverage, does this trade suddenly not look so bad?
Bob should not have been out starting goalie that year, period. His first year in NA should have been spent in the AHL, where he could have seen some action later on in the season, but he shouldn't have been our #1.

Unfortunately when the only competition he faces in camp are a 35 year old journeyman (Boucher) and an AHL goalie (Leighton), it's no wonder he won the starting spot. It's good for him obviously, but not for us.

If our GM would have been thinking, a goalie, like Vokoun, should have been brought in that season as a stop-gap, until be figure out what we have with Bob, which looks to be a #1 goalie.

But whatever, hindsight is 20/20

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