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06-15-2013, 09:03 PM
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I've been a pretty avid (although not hardcore) gamer since my family got a Super Nintendo for Christmas at the age of 5. I've had one console exclusively for every generation since:

Super Nintendo/N64/Gamecube (questionable decision)/Xbox 360

For every generation (aside from the Gamecube) I've been completely satisfied in my decision not to purchase the Sony product. I was a very staunch supporter of Xbox 360 over the PS3. Both for online gaming and single player experiences. I also preferred the controller and functionality of the Xbox 360.

I had decided to buy the new Xbox almost regardless sight un-seen, until the absolute bomb Xbox decided to release.

I have absolutely nothing against Sony, they've done nothing to piss me off as a consumer, I've just always preferred the alternatives. Xbox One not only disappointed me in nearly every aspect of its presentation, but I feel like ultimately they've pissed off 3rd party developers as well.

I think this thing is almost destined to fail:
- 24 hour internet authentication
- peoples paranoia with Kinects privacy issues
- The lack of freedom to rent, lend and re-sell your own games
- The fact that their fancy new integrated TV features probably won't be supported by any providers other then a few large ones in the States
- Zero backwards compatibility (although PS4 is the same)
- An additional $100 to the price tag

Microsoft single handedly swayed me AWAY from their product. Most of my buddies gamed exclusively on the Xbox 360 as well, not a single one of them will be purchasing the Xbox One.

Microsoft did a phenomenal job of marketing the PS4, congrats!

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