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06-15-2013, 09:03 PM
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just wanted to let you guys know you got a great coach coming in. I called the AV to Rangers thing as soon as Tortorella was fired. He just makes too much sense in NY and think he'll do an excellent job there.

I have been a huge defender of AV for a long time. While I can understand his time was up in Vancouver as it would be for nearly any coach after that much time in one job, he's still an elite coach IMO and often defended him against the mob mentality that starts up among Canucks fans who seemed to develop a hate-on for AV.

I think he'll do an excellent job in NY. The team is built for his type of system and coaching. I suspect it'll also be a pleasant change for the players, fans and media after the friction that Torts usually created among that group.

Expect the first few months however to be a bit of a rollercoaster ride, which should be expected with any new coach coming in. He'll experiment with lines often, and will push some players harder than others who'll quickly become considered among fans as being in the doghouse, but have patience. Consider the many players that have come through Vancouver's system playing bit roles and often talked about among fans as not being given a proper chance under AV, only to develop into solid or key players for this team. The Sedins weren't being given enough icetime at one point (common criticism AV heard here) and turned into 100+ point players under his coaching where he maximized their offensive roles.. Kesler was a 3rd liner, Burrows a 4th liner.. Hansen was considered to be in the doghouse for years and many people hated on AV for hating Hansen, who was one of AV's favorites the last couple years (see a similar situation with Hagelin IMO)... AV has been solid getting the most out of his players and often pushing the right buttons to help the players' development cycles. Of course it's never perfect (see Ballard who he just couldn't work with), but when a team goes from missing the playoffs to back to back Presidents' under his coaching, he's doing a lot more right than wrong.

Wish AV all the best in NY. He deserves it and certainly deserves a lot better than the crap he often got from fans in Vancouver over the last couple years. Still one of the best coaches in the business IMO. Just needed a fresh start.

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