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Originally Posted by SA16 View Post
They had ~64% winning percentage with at least one of Crosby/Malkin in the lineup that year (up til feb 4th their first 53 games).

They had a 51% winning percentage with neither of them in the lineup (rest of the season - 29 games).

Obv again breaking sample sizes down to even smaller ones.

So seems to me in general he didn't take those teams to 100+ points. Crosby/malkin got them a huge points edge early and then when they were out the rest of the guys played basically .500 hockey to earn the remaining points.
a coach who wins games when his best players win/are in the lineup.

what a novel idea ;-)

sorry brother, but thats true of almost any coach.

Maclean this year was incredible, but for the most part, most coaches will fail when their best players arent performing/are injured

Rangers lose with Richards & Gaborik complete no-shows this year.


Rangers win the east (in the R.S.) and get to the ECF with Gabby & Richards playing at an elite level.


Same thing with Tom Renney...when Jagr and Lundqvist were at their best, he won, when they weren't we didnt.

My issues with Renney was the complete lack of accountability he had with the team other than Dubinsky...and tactical stuff as well.

Granted, i was way too hard on him, but hey, ppl make mistakes.

with that said, Torts is a great coach, and we're going to miss that level of accountability, however if A.V. can keep that accountability he inherited in this team, build on the defensive conscience we already have, and implement a PP, this team will win.


our issues during Torts era wasnt our D. it wasnt our O.

it was our PP...

we had elite PKs during his tenure prior to this year, which offset the abysmal PP...this year, not so much.

back your post though, every coach needs their horses.

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