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Originally Posted by Grant McCagg View Post
I can't believe yet another thread got derailed into the Fischer pick debate. any chance this could be locked? Lots of folks could take things out of context given those quotes from me that people insist on bringing up again. Really thought this thread was buried.

We don't need to keep rehashing who's to blame for the Fischer pick, there was no one person responsible for that pick, several people on the organization saw Fischer and it was decided to draft him after trading down. For the only time in Timmins' tenure with a team the top picks didn't pan out, not coincidentally on what is regarded today as a very poor draft year.

Folks on here figured out years ago that Westrum had been the guy who had coached him before and liked him (he is after all the Western US scout), but it's not like a regional scout gets all the say on a I said the last time, and every time this gets brought was a team decision. Trevor's crossover scouts would have seen Fischer too.

Funny - over the last decade Dave Conte and Jim Nill have missed more first rounders than the Habs...every team has missed on at least one first rounder...but Hab fans are the only ones who can't get over it..and dwell on it. Seriously..just like Shatner said to Trekkie fans..."Get a life!"
Habs fans are still complaining about the Kostitsyn pick, and sometimes some complain about the Roy trade.

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