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06-16-2013, 12:21 AM
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Originally Posted by Mr Jiggyfly View Post
And I know you want to blame DB for everything from Taman Shud to the '93 upset, but once again there is plenty of blame to go around.
Sure there is. I have said so myself on several occasions.

Originally Posted by Mr Jiggyfly View Post
Crosby, from all accounts, wants Dupuis and Kunitz on his line. Hence the Kip Miller syndrome. From what I've read and heard directly out of his mouth, he preferred to play with those guys.

Should DB finally of changed it up and tried Iggy there? Duh. He didn't and I'm sure Crosby's preference had something to do with it.

Crosby needs to get over the Kip Miller syndrome, because as I just said, having another linemate who can draw attention to him is a must in today's system driven, defensive oriented NHL, if you want to get to the Finals.

Shero, DB AND Crosby need to all realize that or we will keep doing the PA Polka...

It's catchy at least...
All I was saying, while initially agreeing with your overall point, is that you/we shouldn't talk about roster deficiencies after this loss.

The 'Kip Miller' thing, no matter if Sid is being a baby (which is possible, although Dupuis' anecdote about Bylsma immediately telling him that he is still with Sid after they learned of the Iginla trade seems to me to be an even more clear indication of Bylsma's intent than anything Sid ever said) it is very much Bylsma's responsibility to change up and try other solutions if option A doesn't work.

We could have put Iginla there, we could have put Bennett there, we could have put Jokinen there, we could have gone with Sid and Malkin on the same line (curiously only happened with Neal more or less), we could have done lots of different things with line 1, and there were obviously alternatives to go to on line 2 outside of putting Cooke there also. I love Cooke, but we pretty much had a HANDFUL of more logical top6 choices. Bennett goes there for a shift or two and looks a much better solution.... back to the 4th line and 10 minutes per.

Hell, for the short time that Iginla was on the first line, we were actually successful. 10 bad minutes to open a second period against Ottawa, in a game we were winning easily, was what it took to have it scrapped for good.

I repeat, I agree with your overall points here, just don't make the detour of taking roster deficiencies (Hossa) when we used the wealth of riches we had as poorly as we did. There is nothing to say that Bylsma would have put Hossa with Sid anyway, and IF we need still more star forwards for Sid and Malkin to perform, then something is really, really wrong.

Yes, our stars should have done more regardless. Yes, in hindsight some of Shero's deadline deals were likely not what we needed. But certainly, it is hard to evaluate Shero's deals fairly with how those forwards were used. That is not on Shero.
If Crosby is a baby about his toys, then it is a challenge for a coach for sure, but you do NOT go 4 games of a conference final doing nothing to change anything when you simply cannot score and gets ZERO production from your top guys. I don't care if Sid had been kicking and screaming (I don't believe he would have), you attempt to break the losing pattern and ask new questions of your opponent.

I simply have a much harder time blaming guys who put in the effort without getting success (and outside of game two there was no lack of effort) than blaming a coach who watch them do the same over and over and over again while doing nothing other than saying "follow my way, it will come". If it had, he'd have looked a genius and be hailed as such. It didn't, you know which door step the turd is at.

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