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Originally Posted by BernieParent View Post
For all of our sakes, please paint your head and typing hand fluorescent yellow.
Won't work, my street is unmarked. Best bet is to go fetal and try to look like a sewer plate.

Originally Posted by hockeyfreak7 View Post
This is crap. If you thought it was a good deal then, then you can not turn around and ***** about it less than a year later. You can be disappointed about it (as I am), but you can not chastise Holmgren for making the deal when you, yourself, endorsed it when it was made.

And you did endorse it.

I understand being upset with the way Bob was handled while here. I am too. However, you can't say **** about Holmgren now when you would have made the exact same deal last June if you were in his position.

EDIT: This is just another example of the anti-Holmgren crowd leeching onto him at any chance. When the deal was made, Flyers fans collectively loved the return while still recognizing the potential of Bob as a goaltender. Nothing wrong with that. But if you supported the deal then, please don't try to act like you knew all along that the Flyers were getting a crappy hand. If you condemned the deal then, great, you have every right to ***** about Holmgren now for being short-sighted, impatient, or whatever else you want to throw at him. But few on here were truly choked up to see Bob gone for the return we got, and it's quite funny to see people forget their own words 12 months later when it suits their opinions on Holmgren.
You're overreacting a bit. You forget that just about everyone knew Bob was going to be traded the second Bryzgalov signed for 9 years. At that point it wasn't a matter of "if," it was a matter of "when, and for what?" The return at the time wasn't terrible. I was OK with it. But that doesn't meant I'm not upset now, because the issue itself isn't really the trade (which was inevitable) was the decision to go with Bryzgalov instead of developing the very talented goalie prospect we had.

This doesn't go back to the trade. It goes back to the decision to sign Bryzgalov until the sun fused into carbon and then compressed itself into a tremendous diamond. That's when we truly lost Bob. Look at LA; it's similar. Now that Quick has cemented himself and signed a long deal, LA fans know it's inevitable Bernier gets moved.

Edit: Oh, and a while ago I looked into Vezina winners going back to 1993. Bob is the first in 20 years to win the Vezina on a non-playoff team, if I remember correctly. It might even go back longer than that.

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