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06-16-2013, 01:35 AM
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Originally Posted by Smokey McCanucks View Post
So, y'all know that every single hockey coach anywhere preaches "chip it up the boards," right? That's called good defensive play! You can't go passing it up the middle out of the defensive zone, that's nuts! "Grapes wants it off the glass," don'tyaknow? That is not something unique to anyone's system, that's just hockey, if you don't have room to skate it out, put it off the glass, that's defence 101.
and if you do have the room to skate it out? the problem wasnt chipping off the glass, the problem was ONLY chipping off the glass. they would collapse below the circles and chip it right to the opposing defender every time. watch some of the boston series highlights, most of the time we got scored on by dmen because of the terrible collapse and turn it over system we were using. even in the caps series Green was the most dangerous player for that caps team. the defense at the end of the season was disgusting and the PK was brutal all year as well.

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