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Originally Posted by RangerBoy View Post
Richards signed with the Rangers because Torts was the Rangers coach. He went against the advice of his agents and took less money(Calgary) to play for Torts. The Rangers gave a 31 year old Richards a nine year deal because Torts pushed for it. I love how now Richards and Torts don't like each other now. Sather said the Richards benching in the playoffs was an "organizational decision". Management was involved too. Torts is proclaiming his love for Richards after game 4. How much he loves Richards a player and a person. Torts said he thought Richards would bounce back next season. Of course,Torts does. He went out on the limb and pushed ownership to give Richards 9 years and $60M.

Brooks reflects the mood of some people here

Change in coaches? Cost effective talent in never available in free agency. Richards already cleaned out his locker along with the other players last month. Then Larry discusses $5M for McDonagh. Last month,Brooks wrote about Stepan being worthy of a long term deal just like McDonagh. $5M for him too? The cap is set at $64.3M. The Rangers need more depth throughout their line-up. Where is that money coming from? Pay McDonagh $5M as Brooks suggests. Stepan gets his money. Hagelin gets less than those 2 but he still triples his cap hit from his ELC. That's it. The same team will be back. There's no money to do anything else.
There is more then enough money to keep richards and resign all those players. Clowe is not coming back. Buyout Richards next season. The team was fine last season, do you want to reconstruct the team every 6 months? The market is horrible this year anyway.

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