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Originally Posted by Broad Street Elite View Post
The issue with the term PMD is that it is misapplied by some to insinuate that it strictly means offensive-minded defenseman with average or below average defense. A PMD means the guy has strong puck-handling, shooting, scoring and puck control skills, but a PMD can be extremely good defensively (Weber, Pronger, Chara, etc), above average defensively (Subban, Kronwall, Keith, Doughty), average defensively (Karlsson, Letang, Phaneuf), below average defensively (Streit, Yandle, M. Green) or poor defensively (Marc-Andre Bergeron, Wideman).

While you could quibble about the categorization I made about certain players mentioned, clearly these guys can all move a puck and hence are PMD.... not all of them are going to improve a PK or goals against average. Further, even within PMD, there are stratifications. Clearly Karlsson is in a league of his own as far as offensive skills at the defensive position goes.
Thank you. The term PMD is totally meaningless, just a fiction of know nothings on boards like this.

Do you need a PPQB? A PK specialist? An offensive Dman? Those terms apply to players' special roles or skills.

IF PMD can apply to Chara, Keith, Phaneuf and Wideman, you might as well just skip the pretentious PM and call them what they are: defensemen.

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