Thread: Confirmed with Link: Subban wins the Norris!!!!! (per Reality)
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06-16-2013, 10:52 AM
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Originally Posted by E = CH² View Post
You are aware patch shoved Chara after a goal earlier that season? The bruins made a HUGE fuss out of the whole incident. Retribution was in the plans ever since that incident. The bruins were on the warpath and wanted their pound of flesh. Edwards basically said so that Patch was a marked man in the bruins locker room.

Then Chara pushed him head first into the stanchion at full speed. He later claimed he didn't know who was on the ice. Much in the same way he asked that reporter to prove it was him who sucker punched Crosby. Why should it matter that he didn't know Patch was on the ice ? If Chara's actions were legal, why did he feel the need to make the ridiculous excuse that he didn't know it was Patch? Please.. you're buying into that drivel. You're ridiculously gullible or a bruins fan in disguise. Not sure which.

What's frustrating about your post is that you even tried to pass it off as if habs fans were blinded by rage and couldn't see the truth. No offense (here comes the offensive part), but your post was laughable really. It's already annoying to hear fans of other teams dump on Subban, and make a ton of excuses for that POS Chara without seeing our own fans buying into that crap. I have a hard time believing a habs fan would make apologies for Chara the way you just did. As I said, it's laughable.

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