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06-16-2013, 11:31 AM
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Hey guys just bumping this thread to give an update.

These are the skates my lil guy is currently using:

I use them because of pricing which is pretty cheap and my son has a wide foot so the slightly cheaper Supreme line is a bit too narrow for him.

Comparing them to Jaricks picture they have 8 eyelets versus 10 in adult skates. What we did during the spring season is first 3 loose, next 3 tight, 7th one is snug and 8th not laced, and it has been working out pretty good. He seems to be skating faster now which I am assuming is due to him bending his knees more. It is definitely much easier to bend doing it this way.

I'm not sure if these skates are too stiff for him, because I've heard the argument about Vapors before, but since they are the base model I dont think they are as stiff as the more expensive one. One thing I will say though is the first skates I ever bought him were base model CCMs and as soon as I changed him to the Vapor 1.0s when he grew out of them I noticed an immediate improvement in his skating.

Any more opinions you guys have will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your help.

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